I’ll Tell You Why

Nights of staying awake, cups of caffeine,
Neither w3schools neither StackOverflow works,
So, I’ll tell you, that’s when- that’s when people give up.

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Tinder Dates

-“What sort of journalist are you, if your life is not full of thrills? ”
-“Oh hey, I cover up the state affairs, and it’s not that thrilling, my dating life is still stuck to tinder only, and yours? Why not someone from workplace? IT guys are pretty much sophisticated, right?”

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An Umbrella

“It looked the prettiest of all, with a little craving of white pearls on its shaft, and pink flowers on the fabric with black dots. But the most amazing part of it was the handle. When sunlight fell on it, the stones sparkled in colors of the rainbow. Though Ira eagerly wanted the umbrella, she could not open her mouth to say.”

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Situated at the end of an almost desolate place, in the bosom of nature, the trickles of the river far away could be heard.

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