I’ll Tell You Why

I’ll tell you why people give up on things they love.

Look, that child obsessed with a toy,
I bet a year after this, he wouldn’t even remember
How it looked or the days he spent,
Before it had got boring for him.
So, I’ll tell you, people give up on things
When neither any feelings
of love or joy exists.

Have you seen a developer, building his best website
Giving up on a piece of code, after several reruns?
Because sometimes I tell you
Even the best of efforts lead to void.
Nights of staying awake, cups of caffeine,
Neither w3schools neither StackOverflow works,
So, I’ll tell you, that’s when- that’s when people give up.

I’ll tell you,
People give up when the heart breaks so bad,
The tears dry up when the voice can barely be heard.
When your chest inflates in pain
But not a word from the mouth is heard,
When you’ve devoted your soul into something
And it doesn’t work just fine, but you gotta keep mum.
Then, only then, people give up.

I’ll tell you when people give up on something they love.
When neither poetries nor song,
Can touch the soul, can move the heart
When you’d want to scream, the pain is ripping you apart
When the world seems to create a power
Of pulling you down into the abyss of hurt
That’s when darling that’s when you are going to give up.

If you ask me to tell you why I had never waved a goodbye
And I’d secretly pray that you’d know;
Our laughs, our conversations, your smiles
Are so deeply etched on my mind
In my La-La-Land, I’d never find a reason
For three whole summers, and another winter season
To give up on you!


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